Metaverse Coffee Experience providing FREE COFFEE as long as you have a Cosmic Coffee NFT in your wallet!

What is the Cosmic Coffee Collective? 

The Cosmic Coffee Collective is a collection of *12,000 Cosmic Coffees stored on the Etherum blockchain. Your Cosmic Coffee doubles as your membership to the collective, granting you access to members-only benefits, like FREE COFFEE (select areas apply, available as long as you’re a holder.) In addition to verified status in the Cosmic Coffee Collective discord and access to all the Collective’s Metaverse developments, all holders will be granted access to mint all upcoming projects for free (just pay gas fees.)

Proceeds from minting will be distributed to the founding team members, while also establishing a community and charity wallet (to reward members, invest in other NFT projects, and support causes important to the Collective.)

Supply and Minting

Max Supply of Cosmic Coffees: 12,000
*Reserved (for giveaways, collabs, etc.): 2,000
Available to Mint: 10,000
Price: 0.05ETH
When: NOW

Cosmic Coffees are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

All Coffees include each of the following traits making each Cosmic Coffee just as unique as it's holder


Space Background: 21
Outer Saucer: 11
Middle Saucer: 7
Inner Saucer: 11
Handle: 10
Coffee Mug: 11
Coffee Roasts: 14
Coffee Beans (aka Butt Beans)


Free Coffee
for Life!
(some restrictions apply)
Coffee Mug with steam
Mint Pass
for all future projects!
(just pay gas)
Special pricing and discounts
through our upcoming Cosmic Collective online merch shop
First Access
to new projects, opportunities, etc.
NFT Airdrop(s),
community engagement rewards, and more!
Contribute to Community decisions from new coffee roasts to upcoming charity donations and more!
Coffee beans in the shape of a heart


Babyccinos logo with 5 custom babyccinos

10,000 Babyccinos fueled by caffeine, milk & sugar, on a mission to save the world from bad coffee ☕ (and an evil 😈sorcerer 🧙)

Each NFT has an ambitious baby attached to one of 30+ coffee/espresso-based beverages celebrating the imagination, curiosity, and mischievousness of being a kid!

Proceeds from the collection with go to support the community as well as organizations supporting children’s reading, music, and art programs; underserved communities (we currently work with a project that provides women opportunities to escape poverty in Kibera,) and other organizations identified by the community.

Supply and Minting

Max Supply of Babyccinos: 10, 000
Reserved (for giveaways, collabs, etc.): 1,000
Available to Mint: 9,000
Cosmic Coffee Holder: 0 ETH (just pay gas)
Pre-Sale Price: 0.05ETH
Public Price: 0.07ETH
Launch Date: December 29, 2021

Mint your Babyccino Now!!


Having 30+ Skin Tones associated with Coffee Colors and no traits explicitly gendered, we've created an inclusive, diverse group of kiddos for all genders and ages to find what vibes with them!

Additional traits include options for mouths, hair, eyes, clothes, and more! Rare features will be included that pay homage to some of our favorite NFT Collections and pop-culture references. ‍

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We plan to be around for a long time so we've set some goals for ourselves that we plan on kicking off after we achieve each milestone!

10% Sold
We kick-off work on our first air drop (a badge/token that reveals whether your Cosmic Coffee harnesses a secret power)
20% Sold
Community polling to identify what upcoming projects and charity organizations the Collective should support
30% Sold
Community Giveaway(s) ETH + NFTs
Website Updates
40% Sold
Unlock merch store where holders and community members will have access to purchase coffee, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

50% Sold

Community vote on our first "free coffee" cosmic roast
60% Sold
Donate 33ETH to a Charity of the Collective Community's choosing
70% Sold
Community Giveaway(s) ETH + NFTs
80% Sold
Cosmic Coffee Holders opt-in for first free coffee shipment
90% Sold
First Free Coffee Ships, 77 Reserved Cosmic Coffees are available via auction (all proceeds will go directly into the community)
100% Sold
Air Drop Cosmic Coffee Secret Power token, reveal post launch roadmap
Cosmic Coffee #6570

Meet the Team!

The Cosmic Coffee Collective was founded by the three sisters behind shop centered around experiences and connections — trying to break the corporate coffee trends by providing unique coffee roasts (barrel-aged roasts,) local Colorado products, Products that give back (with a purpose,) and more.

We have worked with some of the most well named brands in Consumer Electronics and Entertainment (Best Buy, Amazon, Disney Consumer Products, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, HBOMax) a few start-ups, a little cyber security and there are likely a few missing. With a love for all things coffee (and some boozes,) we launched our online coffee shop just before the holiday season in 2020, bringing barrel-aged coffees to friends, family, and other customers across the U.S. We partner with brands who emphasize giving back as we believe we are stronger when we support our global community.

Babyccino of Barista Queen, our Community & Networking Manager

Barista Queen is our networking queen, connecting with local businesses and partners, she quickly found an interest in Twitter Spaces and Discord live chats while digging into NFTs supporting women led projects! With being an equality and inclusive captain at her day to day job, and having 2 kiddos of her own, she's excited for the upcoming Babyccino roadmap.
Babyccino of Jess(ie), Tech Development

Our resident NFT evangelist, Jess(ie) likes to stay ahead of the curve, researching contracts, popping into communities, and trying to educate her friends and family about to joys of NFTs. In her spare time, she likes to practice her latte art skills.
Babyccino of BriBro, our art director

BriBro is our Art Director which means if she's not the one making the art, she's the one making sure it's got her approval to share. Though she doesn't hang out on Twitter as much, she has an instagram account dedicated to her art! Oh, and she's a Slytherin and proud of it (ask her about the Death Eater tattoo she designed!)
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A little extra reading (if you're into that)

In a world far, far away, there was an evil sorcerer desperate to gain control of the universe. Their plan — create a potion that would put all beings under the sorcerer’s control. After several failed experiments with fermented beverages, the sorcerer looked at the galaxy’s greatest commodity, coffee.

This galaxy’s coffee beans were very unique as their properties could be extracted as an elixir of life. Knowing the desire for more access to these magic beans, the sorcerer roasted, ground, and brewed them into potions convincing their victims that drinking this cosmic coffee would extend their life.While most drinkers of these cosmic coffees were put under the sorcerer’s spell (doomed to a lifetime of servitude to the sorcerer whose power hungry mission will not be stopped,) some of these coffees worked as an antidote, safe guarding its drinker from the sorcerers control and granting secret powers!

Barista Queen, Jess(ie), and BriBro discovered that over 10,000 Cosmic Coffees had been launched into orbit, whirling through space on flying saucers to tempt the masses and further expand the sorcerers goons. They collected as many coffees as they could, storing them on the Etherum blockchain, curious as to whether these coffees and their special powers would affect their frens in the Metaverse.

Your mission, if you so choose to accept it, is to become a part of the Cosmic Coffee Collective and decide to protect or to drink these Cosmic Coffees. Will you gain secret powers or will you be destined to a life a servitude…

12,000 NFTs offering free coffee, how does that work?

  • The first shipment of Free Coffee will go out as soon as we've sold 90% of the collection
  • Community members will vote on the coffee roast that’ll be featured for the month (allows us to make this roast available in the merch shop where both holders and non-holders will be able to purchase.
  • Holders will be able to claim their free coffee in-store at T’s brick and mortar location(s) — first location is opening in 2022 (Denver Metro Area)
  • If unable to use in-store, Holders will have the opportunity to opt-in online for monthly free coffee shipments (service areas will be limited to U.S. and Canada as we get up and going, BUT we’ll be looking to our discord to help us identify which countries we should onboard next!)
  • Online opt-in will require that holders follow directions (submit their shipping request by a specified date and time) to claim their coffee each month.
NOTE: You are not required to opt in every month, but hey, it’s free coffee!
  • Free monthly coffee shipments will come in the form of (1) 12oz bag of whole bean coffee
  • There will be some limitations on where we can ship. For example, if there are countries the U.S. does not allow us to ship to, we must abide by those restrictions

That’s a lot of Free Coffee, how is this model sustainable?

  • As an online coffee shop, we already have the infrastructure in place for coffee, roasting, shipping, packaging, etc. (plus our own investment into the Collective)
  • We would love to see you all opt-in monthly, but we also recognize that this may not always happen so it’s likely we will not be fulfilling 12,000 shipments monthly (at least not at the beginning.)
  • We can’t reveal all the magic beans here, but we’re confident about our internal model and upcoming plans for it’s ability to create long-lasting benefits to our holders.
We’ve made our lists and we’ve checked them twice (ok, a lot more than that,) and we’re pretty confident that #wgmi

What if I want more coffee than my holder status allows?

  • We’ll be launching an online shop for our community where you’ll be able to purchase coffee and other merchandise as often as you’d like (holders will qualify for special pricing) for the time being, you can order something from the founders of the Collective by clicking on the link below!

What is an NFT?

More details coming soon!

How do I buy an NFT?

More details coming soon!

How do I create an NFT?

More details coming soon!

Babyccinos launch!